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We've worked with a wide range of leading brands to create deeper and more valuable customer engagements using the data and insights to action approach.
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Luxury Car

A well known luxury car brand leverages data and insights to engage with the consumer with the right message at the right time.

  • Need

    The corporate office sought a deeper engagement with owners beyond the experience they received through the dealer network to increase brand loyalty and ultimately sell more vehicles through increased retention and re-buy rates.

  • What We Created

    A comprehensive database of owners, their vehicles ( what they had in the drive-way ) and attributes we gathered from third parties and directly from the owner.

    Key insights into what was important to buyers when considering their next vehicle purchase - Safety - Engineering - Performance - Style - Prestige.

    An understanding of when they were considering their next purchase.

    Personalized content relevant to what was important to them along with a car class recommendation.

  • What We Learned

    Owners nearly always purchased sooner than they indicated reinforcing the need for consistent and relevant communication.

    We acquired new consumers to the franchise.

    Engagement focused efforts increased loyalty, retention and sold more vehicles.

  • Results

    Over 5,500 incremental units were attributed to the program - at the time they were selling ~100,000 units annually, a significant lift.

    New vehicle purchases were often made sooner than the consumer indicated, 6 - 9 months sooner on average for those in the program.