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We've worked with a wide range of leading brands to create deeper and more valuable customer engagements using the data and insights to action approach.
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Computer Reseller

Leading reseller of computer hardware, software and supplies leverages data and insights to differentiate customers away from a one size fits all engagement.

  • Need

    A way to optimize communication and sales priority across a large and diverse customer portfolio in order to continue increasing sales and customer loyalty.

  • What We Created

    A 360-degree view to the customer

    Share of wallet and spending potential based on external data.

    Segmentation provided the means for where to seek deeper customer engagement and which customers to disengage with.

    Sales Playbook - right message, right offer at the right time.

    Optimized contact strategies delivered relevant messages and offers across all channels - including sales - based on the customers behavior.

  • What We Learned

    Low value or low opportunity sites typically churn quickly and consume a high level of marketing resources without a corresponding return.

    An integrated plan that includes sales increased overall effectiveness.

  • Results

    Sales and Marketing were closely aligned and Sales knew where to focus each day within their portfolio - which lead to an increase in retention and re-buy rates.

    Marketing delivered relevant content that helped to grow response and retention.

    Disengagement saved millions in marketing resources with little impact to top line sales.

    Growth from a ~5.5b organization to over 8b and was taken private.